Pink Fire Pointer Fashion, Art, and Dinner

Fashion, Art, and Dinner

My charming friend Regina invited me to a soiree in West Hollywood recently.  Because she sent the original invitation to my old email address, I never got it and her answers to my follow-up queries about the event were mysterious and intriguing.  All I knew was that I was going to a dinner party in a shop on elegant Melrose Place to honor an artist.   The address led me to the very chic clothing store Zero + Maria Cornejo and the artist we were honoring was Paula Hayes, who makes exquisite glassware, ceramics, and terrariums!  How chic is this table above with its fur covered chairs. This is where we would be dining.  There were three long tables like this in the store.

This is what the tables looked like and you can see my place card at the head of this table.

A close-up of Paula Hayes' amazing terrariums and glass ware

More of Paula's creations

Amazing, all by Paula

 Zero + Maria Cornejo clothing designer Maria, on the left with a friend, both wearing Zero + Maria Cornejo.  I love their shoes as well as their gorgeous dresses.

And speaking of the clothes, the designs were beautiful and dramatic.

The fashionable crowd at this event

I really love the ease of these designs, as well as the beauty and the drama.

These dresses are backed by a beautiful wall creation by the artist Paula Hayes

In addition to all the eye candy -- fashion, art, and people --  we had an amazing dinner with great food and fascinating conversation.  I sat next to a style writer from the Wall Street Journal and we talked fashion all evening.  At the end of the night I drove home thinking how exciting Los Angeles is and what treasures there are if you just take the time to look, to listen, and to say "yes." Thank you, Regina, for inviting me to an unexpected night of fashion, art, conversation, and fine dining.  You never know what is out there unless you are willing to say "yes."