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Happy Thanksgiving

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Most people will tell you that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday.  With no gifts to worry about, it is a wonderful time to gather with loved ones for a delicious meal.  It is about family and tradition.  And it is a time to be thankful. Normally I would be cooking, but this year my family and I are going to a friend's house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  And I am grateful for that.  I am looking forward to relaxing with family and friends and enjoying all the delicious food we are sure to have.

I hope you are enjoying this special day, eating your favorite Thanksgiving foods, and visiting with loved ones.  I also hope you get to spend the weekend afterwards (one of my favorites) taking it easy, seeing some movies ("Lincoln" is on my list) and starting your holiday shopping.  We are about to enter "the most wonderful time of the year."  Not sure I am quite ready, but I will get there.  How about you?  Are you getting ready?   Let's try to keep calm and enjoy every magical moment!

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And I am counting my blessings.  Thank you for visiting my blog over the past two years.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to write it and to have gotten to know so many of you.  The writer Anais Nin said "We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospect." I like to think that we are "tasting life twice" when we write about our passions and the things in life that feed our soul.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share them with you.  My life has been enriched by your comments and learning about the things that inspire you and bring you joy.  And to my fellow bloggers, I have learned so much from you.  I am inspired daily by what you write.  Your thoughtful observations and ideas take me on a little journey every day into your world.  
Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!