Pink Fire Pointer Heather Taylor Launches Exciting New Project

Heather Taylor Launches Exciting New Project

Photo of Heather Taylor by Jeana Sohn

Today is a big day for my daughter Heather Taylor as she is launching an exciting new project.  I am so proud of her! She has developed a new webisode series on her lifestyle blog L.A. In Bloom.  These will be about entertaining, cooking, flowers, home, garden, and all the cozy pleasures that make life sweet. Heather owns Taylor De Cordoba art gallery in Los Angeles and like many of her girlfriends who are in business, she wants to come home at the end of the day and enjoy the the simple pleasures of home --  the domestic pleasures that make her house a welcoming haven to return to.  She has come up with many easy and doable projects that make it all possible in the limited time she has.   Click below to watch the first one.

LA in Bloom: Weeknight Dinner Party from LAinBloom on Vimeo.